How Digital marketing can be useful in Real Estate?

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Any business that involves buying and selling needs marketing as a core necessity. Real Estate is no exception. As technology evolves, so does the way of doing marketing. The latest revolution in marketing is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing plays a vital role in today’s web-connected world in Real Estate like all the other fields.

Real Estate:
Real Estate is an immovable asset that can be a real source of income if properly handled. Making a property an asset or a liability completely depends upon how you select and manage that property. Buying and withholding a plot for some period of time and selling it might work if the location – in and around the property brings value to the people who want to buy. Likewise, constructing a commercial building, a mall or anything of value will be profitable if the right location and property are chosen.

In real estate, sharing the information of a property that is to be sold to an enthusiastic buyer was carried out through pure marketing. The agents contact the seller and connect them with the buyer and collect their commission fees which make all the parties involved happy. The marketing involves traditional advertisements, calls, emails, etc until the right buyer is found to purchase or rent or lease the plot or house.

The emergence of the internet allowed the people involved in the real estate business to make use of the connections available through the internet and increase their sales. Nowadays, the internet becomes inevitable in the real estate business. From small plots to large commercial real estates, one can find everything listed in a number of listing websites like Using these websites, the customer can directly contact the person who listed their property and complete the transaction easily.

Role of Digital Marketing:
As we stated already, real estate is becoming digital and Digital marketing helps all the parties involved in the business achieve their goal. Since a large chunk of the population uses smart devices, visits social networks often, search the internet for answers, the role of digital marketing in real estate is never been vital in the history of marketing.

The seller or a real estate agent can list their property on any of the listing websites (rentnamakkal, 99acres, olx, etc) for free and wait for a buyer to approach them or they can do digital marketing to accelerate the reach of their property listing and availability. Advertising in digital platforms, either in social networks or search engines will increase the awareness of the property. This allows the property to be easily found by the people who are searching for it or related to our property. In addition, one can generate leads using these platforms too. The listing websites have become regional too to serve the regional audiences. For example, rentnamakkal, a listing website focuses its clients only in Namakkal district unlike big players like 99acres, makaan who lists properties from all over India.


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