Cloud Computing is a revolutionary term in the current IT planet, it modified the business outlook and its consumers for storing and accessing the data. There is no reason for any hard disk in action for a computer to help, because the faster server is there to carry around the non-connected computers to be sophisticated by comparison.

It’s the advanced assurance and it’s true that with the rise of mobile phones and other smart devices that depend on remote storage is now in no compulsion to require any local storage. The bookmarks, contacts and other archives like synchronizing files across the manifold devices are shortly becoming the default by the cheap availability of cloud storage for happily accessible to host the priorities and documents.

Cloud Computing indeed equalizes the entry to pioneering technology, by reducing the cost for investing and prioritizing remote access to apps, data, and business with gaining equal terms with larger enterprise corporations. Now you don’t need a rich IT department to handle a voice or a technological edge.

Cloud hosting is very essential for any start-ups to reduce and maintain the cost of implementing their proposal and data to be in a safe hand. In case if it disappoints also it won’t collapse the stand. That grants any business to execute the new ideas rapidly and test their concepts until they hit with a successful approach.

It’s a virtuous procedure for small scale businesses involved with their organization security and also pretends the issue for immunity against the computer viruses, it also creates a secure atmosphere for services, applications and better concern for small businesses to grow up.

Cloud computing is the innovation in technology that renews the working style and clearly reduces the facts of unemployment. Cloud computing execution is longing for new skills and employees for implementation, it can be used in any field includes education, hospitals, military, aeronautics, business, communication purposes. It’s a good way to increase the profits and productivity of a firm. It helps any business to achieve its goals in automation. Cloud computation also drives the development and enhancement of the growth of the economy.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the word that is abstracted from the picture of internet inflow diagrams and charts representations. It is significantly used to store and access the data and application over the internet rather than resting on the hard drive of a computer.

The services may be included as,

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service

The best examples for cloud technologies are the simple things we are using on our day to day life like Gmail, Hotmail, YouTube, Skype, etc. whenever you update your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter then you are in the cloud. Whenever you are urgent of recharging your account balance on mobile also you are the part of cloud computing.

It is to be expected that around next year, more than 95% of businesses around the world will depend on any single service of cloud technology.

What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service? (Iaas)

It is the primary structure for cloud computing that enfolds the physical or virtual servers, storing and networking services. This is vital for a company to build their applications from the ground level and to control all the elements by themselves.

What is Platform-as-a-Service? (Paas)

It is the next layer up will do underlying storage, networking, virtual servers but also includes the tools and software for developers to build their applications on the secure of middleware, database management, operating systems and development tools.

What is Software-as-a-service? (Saas)

It is the provision of application- as-a-service, specifically used on the sketch of cloud computing that is mostly used by the people for their day to day needs. For this, the hardware and the operating system are negligible for an end-user, who can access the service using a web browser or the application.

What is the difference between Saas, Paas, and Iaas?

Saas is the most conventional form of cloud service for customers. Saas does the task of managing and deploying third party services. It is a kind of customer relationship managing apps like google apps, salesforce, and productivity software. The necessity of Saas applications may decrease the cost of software ownership by removing any technical staff to control the installment, management and the upgrading of software and also reduce the procurement for licensing software.

Whereas, Paas functioning at the lower level of Saas. It creates the platform for the development and deployment of a typical software. It deals with the works related with the servers, and also provide the good environment for clients in which the OS and server software similar with the server hardware and also the network infrastructure are taken care of, by leaving the user’s free to consider on their business side with good scalability and the development of the app for their products to be successful.

Paas is built on the system of virtualization technology, the businesses can focus on the requisition resources all they need, rather than on spending for hardware with redundant resources.

The most important and fundamental construction block of cloud service is Iaas. It is the highly automated and scalable complex resource that worked with the cloud service and network capacity which can be measured, clocked and available for on-demand.

Iaas clients have direct access to their servers and storage and it provides their resources through the dashboard. It is the most compromising and flexible cloud computing type, where it allows for the automatic deployment of servers, storage, networking, and processing capability.

Iaas clients have the accessibility over their infrastructure than users of Paas and Saas services. The major role of Iaas is the real development and deployment of Paas, Saas, and web-scale applications.

Cloud computing benefits

Cloud computing boons the very big benefit for all businesses, there is no demand for buying more servers, no need of updating applications or operating systems and disposing of the hardware and software when it expires, it is the concern for the supplier.

For commercial applications, like email, it can sense to switch to the cloud provider rather than depending on other skills. It delivers a more secure and efficient service to end-users.

With the cloud services, the company can move faster on their projects and test their ideas freely without the lengthy procurement only they need to pay for the resources they are consuming.

This concept for business, benefits the ability to power up the new services without the time constraints and reduce the efforts that are associated with the traditional IT purchase, and so it’s easier to deal with the new applications faster than before.

Which are the big cloud computing companies?

The leading companies that are providing the cloud computing servers for this commercial world involve Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, Google, IBM, Alibaba.

It is to be noted about the companies are selling cloud services, with different priorities and strengths. AWS is strong in Iaas and Paas and also designs moving towards the database management systems.

While Microsoft assures about the emphasis on Saas thanks to office 365 and the cares about the end-user productivity, now it is trying to grow its IaaS and Paas through the Azure’s support.

Google Cloud Platform also offers productivity tools. Whereas the IBM and Oracle’s cloud is constructed by the combination of Saas and infrastructure- based offerings.

Advantages of Cloud Computing Technology

Global Reach

This is the robust benefit of cloud computing that you can access the data anywhere at anyplace at any time. An Internet-connected infrastructure always enhances the productivity of all the business by assuring global allows the simple sharing method where the sharing and collaboration of information for multiple users from multiple locations.

Easy Implementation

Cloud computing technology is entirely based on the internet, it allows any business to maintain the applications and software’s of business without considering the backend technical bugs. A cloud base could be easily and rapidly managed and accessed by the organizations.

Flexibility of Accessing

Cloud computing is a very vast service and suitable for all businesses not only for the IT sector. Cloud ensures the business grows rapidly and the scope demands are increasing. Cloud can quickly expand your cloud capacity anytime according to your concern resources that you need. You can alter your cloud space based on your requirements if you want to less than you have opted before.

It is noted that you can make your cloud space to be in cost efficient method by removing the unnecessary space you enquired for. It allows the rapid growth of your business o copes with the huge workloads. You need to pay only for the service you currently using.


Security is the main concern for any confidential data from hackers’ hands. All your data, applications, content and the pictures used in the cloud are authenticated with IDs and passwords which were not to be touched by anyone. Therefore, no second thinking about the accessibility of others in your authenticated data. If your hardware of the system is somehow damaged, no worry about the data will be safely stored in the cloud and so you can access it anywhere regardless of the machine.

Automatically software updates

Cloud technology will never disturb you for updating your software if it requires it. The server’s providers will overtake the responsibility of regular updates and also the security updates. So, there is no need for your sight to manage such issues, you don’t need to use your time to manage rather you can focus your growth-oriented business goals.

Innovations in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining more renown in the IT sector, it is implemented in most of the IT delegations in rapid move. Many cloud computing researches and innovations are happening to make cloud to be in fruitful access.

Edge Computing

In Edge computing, the information is transformed at the edge of the network indeed in the data warehouse. The data processing is done near to the source. It is the innovative sprouting field, which maximizes the resource efficacy in cloud computing. It is providing the data in a secure system.

Green Cloud Computing

It is the big theme in cloud computing creating the virtualized data centers and servers to conserve more energy. IT is the broad scope and they are utilizing more resources, that is resulting in a shortage of resources. Green cloud computing aims for consuming energy in an efficient way with less operational cost. It controls power management, and focuses more on virtualization and recycling the environment to make it real as green.

Big Data

Big data, the name specifies like it is the enormous amount of data. This data can be categorized into structured and unstructured data. Big data includes the volume of the data, variety of data, velocity of data.

The volume of data means the amount of data that is consumed or handled by the technologies. A variety of data means the exact format of data that is consumed and the velocity of data means the speed of data in transmission and generation.

The big data can be used in industries to detect cost consuming, failure and issues handling.

Cloud Cryptography

It creates a virtual environment for clients, where they can secure their data and also do their multiple tasks. Cryptography is the method of converting the clear text into a non-readable form. The data is can be transferred safely by reducing the accessibility of documents from hacker’s hands.

Mobile Cloud Computing

In this way of computing, the mobile is the comfort and storage for processing the data. It is the leading innovation in cloud computing. In mobile cloud computing, there is no need for any costly hardware to process the data. The only defect in this approach is that, low bandwidth and heterogeneity.

Why it’s important to learn the Cloud computing course?

Everyone can learn and implement cloud computing like freelancers, students, small scale businesses, large businesses, and even for personal computers.

  • Learning Cloud computing will educate you about the store, manage, process, share and collaborate the information with high accuracy and high speed. Business people need to grow their business to upgrade.
  • It is important to learn Cloud computing for fresher even the programmer, it will lead to understanding the ideal ways to use the program, develop, deploy and manage the access of the application to the users.
  • If you are a graphic designer, cloud computing will help you to prepare bidding, financial and project plans.
  • Learning cloud computing will upgrade your skills as a network administrator, data management, deployment, and programmer. If you don’t know cloud implementation means your company will try to replace you because around 80% of companies are using the cloud as their server management systems.
  • It is more beneficial to learn cloud computing course to know more about the application of cloud computing in real life and also for business purposes.
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